cable hdmi vga 1 50 metros


StarTech 15 Ft Monitor VGA Cable - MXT101MM15 Attach a PC VGA port to a switchbox This 15-foot VGA Video Monitor Cable features two HDDB15 (male) connectors, providing a high quality VGA connection. The cable supports a maximum video resolution of up to 800x600. For applications that require higher resolutions, see our15ft Coax VGA Cable(MXT105MMHQ). MXT101MM 6ft Monitor VGA Cable - HD15 M/M

Comprehensive MicroFlex™ 8K HDMI Cable Green 3ft

Cable adaptador HDMI compatible a RCA AV Cable convertidor de 1 m para cámara DVD TV LCD 6 ft VGA Monitor Cable HD15 MM Display cable HD 15 M HD 15 M 1.8 m Attach a PC VGA port to a switchbox 6ft vga cable 6ft vga video

CABLE HDMI A VGA 1080P 1,8M – Grupo Electrostore

Cable Hdmi con Filtro 1 m Anera

Cable Hdmi con Filtro 1 metro

This CL2 HDMI cable is rated for in-wall installations. It also has a built-in active signal booster that allows for a connection distance of up to 50

50ft (15m) HDMI 2.0 Cable - 4K 60Hz Active HDMI Cable - CL2 Rated for In Wall Installation - Long Durable High Speed UHD HDMI Cable - HDR, 18Gbps

Cable HDMI® 2.0 de alta velocidad, de 1 m Steren Tienda

This HDMI cable lets you connect your Ultra HD devices at distances of up to 50 feet (15 meters), with no external power or active circuitry., The

High Speed HDMI Cable M/M - 4K @ 30Hz - No Signal Booster Required - 50 ft.


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